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Welcome to the Join UJACC page of the Universal Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care! We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of our journal. Here, we provide information on how you can join UJACC and contribute to the field of anesthesia, critical care, and pain management.

We invite researchers, clinicians, and scholars to submit their original research articles, case reports, systematic reviews, and perspectives to UJACC. By sharing your work with us, you have the opportunity to contribute to the scientific knowledge in the field and make a positive impact on patient care. Please refer to the « For Authors » page for detailed guidelines on manuscript preparation, submission process, and publication policies.

As a peer-reviewed journal, UJACC relies on the expertise and contributions of reviewers to ensure the quality and integrity of the articles we publish. We welcome experts in anesthesia, critical care, and pain management to join our pool of reviewers. If you have expertise in these fields and are interested in reviewing manuscripts, please contact us through the provided contact information.

Editorial Board Members:
Our Editorial Board is comprised of distinguished professionals in the field of anesthesia, critical care, and pain management. If you possess substantial expertise and experience in these areas and are interested in joining our Editorial Board, please reach out to us with your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. The Editor-in-Chief will carefully evaluate your application and qualifications.

UJACC offers membership opportunities for individuals and organizations who are interested in supporting and staying updated with the latest advancements in anesthesia, critical care, and pain management. Membership benefits may include access to special issues, exclusive content, discounts on publication fees, and networking opportunities. Please visit the Membership section of our website for more details on how to become a member.

We value the contributions and collaborations of individuals like you who are passionate about advancing anesthesia and critical care practices. By joining UJACC, you become part of a dynamic community committed to fostering excellence and innovation in the field.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Universal Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care. We look forward to your participation and contributions to our journal. Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the provided contact details.